Interface Summary
DirectoryEntry Represents a directory on disk.
FileEntry Represents a file entry on disk - not the data.
FileFilter A file filter taks a buffer of bytes and filters or converts the bytes into another format.
FormattedDisk.DiskUsage Use this inner interface for managing the disk usage data.

Class Summary
Disk Abstract representation of an Apple2 disk (floppy, 800k, hard disk).
DiskHelperTest Test Disk and FormattedDisk for read.
DiskWriterTest Test Disk and FormattedDisk for write.
FileEntryComparator Sort FileEntry objects by the columnIndex.
FormattedDisk Abstract representation of a formatted Apple2 disk (floppy, 800k, hard disk).
StorageBundle Manage the domain-specific ResourceBundle.

Exception Summary
DiskFullException A DiskFullException is thrown during a write operation when the file being written will not fit on the disk.