Class IntegerBasicFileFilter

  extended by
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public class IntegerBasicFileFilter
extends java.lang.Object
implements FileFilter

Filter the given file as an Integer BASIC file.

On disk, it looks similar to Applesoft - first two bytes are length; rest of image is raw data for Integer Basic.

[byte] length of line
[word] line number
[byte]* line data
$01 is end of line
Repeat until end of program (line length of 0).

Tokens are $00 - $7F, some are duplicated.
$01 is end of line.
$B0 - $B9 = signifies a number stored in a word.

Date created: Nov 3, 2002 1:14:47 AM

Rob Greene Revised filter: Aug 8, 2004 12:45 PM, John B. Matthews

Constructor Summary
          Constructor for IntegerBasicFileFilter.
Method Summary
 byte[] filter(FileEntry fileEntry)
          Process the given FileEntry and return a text image of the Integer BASIC file.
 java.lang.String getSuggestedFileName(FileEntry fileEntry)
          Give suggested file name.
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Constructor Detail


public IntegerBasicFileFilter()
Constructor for IntegerBasicFileFilter.

Method Detail


public byte[] filter(FileEntry fileEntry)
Process the given FileEntry and return a text image of the Integer BASIC file.

Specified by:
filter in interface FileFilter
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author John B. Matthews


public java.lang.String getSuggestedFileName(FileEntry fileEntry)
Give suggested file name.

Specified by:
getSuggestedFileName in interface FileFilter