Class ac

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public class ac
extends java.lang.Object

ac provides a command line interface to key AppleCommander functions. Text similar to this is produced in response to the -h option.

   AppleCommander command line options [version]:
   -i  <imagename> display information about image.
   -ls <imagename> list brief directory of image.
   -l  <imagename> list directory of image.
   -ll <imagename> list detailed directory of image.
   -e  <imagename> <filename> export file from image to stdout.
   -g  <imagename> <filename> get raw file from image to stdout.
   -p  <imagename> <filename> <type> [[$|0x]<addr>] put stdin
       in filename on image, using file type and address [0x2000].
   -d  <imagename> <filename> delete file from image.
   -cc65 <imagename> <filename> <type> put stdin with cc65 header
         in filename on image, using file type and address from header.
   -dos140 <imagename> create a 140K DOS 3.3 image.
   -pro140 <imagename> <volname> create a 140K ProDOS image.
   -pro800 <imagename> <volname> create an 800K ProDOS image.
   -pas140 <imagename> <volname> create a 140K Pascal image.
   -pas800 <imagename> <volname> create an 800K Pascal image.

John B. Matthews

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static void main(java.lang.String[] args)
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public ac()
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public static void main(java.lang.String[] args)