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AppleCommander is a little project whose main purpose is to provide a tool to move data between Apple ][ disk images and a native filesystem ('C:\' for Windows, or '/wherever' for Linux and Mac OS X). As with all good projects, this one is a little out of hand, and it is becoming a general utility to manipulate Apple ][ emulator images. If you're thinking this could be useful, read on!

Some secondary (or tertiary, depending on what you are counting) considerations are to give me a bit of experience using's SWT (Standard Widget Toolkit) - which is an alternative windowing system to Sun's AWT or Swing.

If you wish to participate or have ideas, please let us know!

Please click here to visit the AppleCommander project page.
Please click here to download the latest stable release.
Please click here to download the current release candidate.


As stated above, AppleCommander is intended to become a general utility for disk images. But, where is it now? What are the current capabilities?

AppleCommander is currently able to read and display information about disk images, export files of various types, create disk images, import files into disk images, and has a rudimentary compiler. As of 1.3.5, AppleCommander incorporates support for cc65 and an improved command-line and even an ant interface.

Disk image organizations currently supported: Disk formats currently supported (ie, operating systems): File export filters: Compile capabilities (BETA): Viewer capabilities:


Known issues with AppleCommander:

Please visit the tracker page for an up-to-date list of issues, submit a new issue, or submit a feature request.


There is a general list of TODO items which is managed as part of the CVS archive. Click here to see the current TODO list.

Does the future include you? Anyone is welcome to suggest or contribute!


AppleCommander is written in Java and uses a non-standard Java library, SWT. Fortunately, none of these will cost anything but download time:

Because of the SWT difficulties, I hope to continue compiling the application. These will be tagged with a win32 in the filename.


Note: Please read the requirements and download Java and the SWT code, if required first!

Once you have installed Java and copied SWT into the future AppleCommander directory, download a copy of AppleCommander from the download section of the SourceForge site.

This software is distributed under the GPL.

To start AppleCommander, just double-click on the AppleCommander JAR file! If you've downloaded the win32 version, double-click on the EXE file. One Mac, double-click; recent libraries are included.

Developer Documentation

There is currently minimal documentation available for others interested in the development, structure, or code of AppleCommander. The source is, of course, available on SourceForge via CVS. However, extra documentation is fairly sparse at this time.

For your web-browsing pleasure, the AppleCommander Java Documentation has been uploaded, and I will try to keep it up-to-date. (If not, the code is documented, and you can generate it yourself.)

Additionally, EclipseUML has been used to generate the UML diagrams which have been drawn by hand. These UML diagrams don't cover all of AppleCommander, but they do give the general structure used by the "storage" package - that is, the domain in which AppleCommander specializes.


Version Date Description
1.3.5 01-Jun-2008 Added support for cc65 and improved support for Apple UCSD Pascal 800K images and Mac OS X. The summary is available here.
1.3.4 31-Mar-2007 Resolved OS X issues (JMatthews); Pascal 800K format now supported (JMatthews); Pascal images are now writeable (JMatthews). The summary is available here.
1.3.3 18-Jun-2004 Primarily restructuring, but added a two new file viewers (Apple Pascal .text files and Assembly source code). The summary is available here.
1.3.2 05-Jun-2004 Added nibble image support, CP/M support, as well as SHR 3200-color graphics. The summary is available here.
1.3.1 12-Dec-2003 Incorporated John Matthews' command-line version of AppleCommander ("ac"); added file viewing capabilities. The posting is here.
1.3.0 04-Dec-2003 Very early release of an Applesoft BASIC compiler; John Matthews' bug fixes have been incorporated; Chris Sebrell's fixes have been incorporated.
1.2.3 13-Apr-2003 Work towards Windows executable (now available!); posting is here.
1.2.2 15-Mar-2003 Bug fixes (primarily ProDOS updates); posting ishere.
1.2.1 1-Mar-2003 Bug fixes; added ASP and ADB exports; posting is here.
1.2.0 11-Feb-2003 The fourth posting for version 1.2.0 announcing import abilities is here.
1.1.1 30-Nov-2002 The third posting for version 1.1.1 announcing the GPL release of AppleCommander is here.
1.1 12-Nov-2002 The second posting for version 1.1 is located here.
1.0 28-Oct-2002 The first news group posting is here announcing version 1.0.


Feel free to drop some email - I don't expect traffic to be very large. However, because of the ever-present threat of SPAM, I won't create an email link either (sorry, you gotta type it!):

RobGreene at users dot sourceforge dot net
matthewsj at users dot sourceforge dot net

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